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Recruitment Services

Flexible Crewing Services for Shipping and Offshore

Through extensive scope of operations, highly skilled and qualified personnel ,access to national systems and support networks and key strategic alliances, we are able to deliver a reliable and class leading Manning Service. MGL is a specialised in Manning (Labour Supply) of offshore Oil and Gas industries and have a wide-range capacity in the provision of trades and supervisors for offshore/ jetty construction and maintenance from a single employee to complete team.

Manning and Crew Services

# Efficient, effective crew/seafarers
# Complete welfare package for the seafarers family as stated in Marine Labour Convention 2006
# Updates in the maritime industry as regards Government Legislation NIMASA, Merchant shipping act.
# IMO ITF and ILO Convention and implications on their business
# Provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs)
# We offer excellent career and training opportunities to all candidate
# Salary benchmark reporting
# Client Crew Portals

Safety and Environmental Protection

MGL personnel recognizes the importance of health, safety and environment protection. We are dedicated to making our operations compatible with the protection of lives, property and environment. As a policy "No business objectives of MACHOBS will take precedence over that which promotes and maintains the highest standard in health, safety and environmental protection" In order to realize the above policy statements,MACHOBS will do everything within its power at all times to: -

*Ensure that all persons engaged in her activities are medically fit, for any project to its completion
*Undertake frequent inspections of work sites, organize audits of equipment and give the findings and recommendations urgent and adequate attention needed to create a safe work environment for our personnel.
*Engage in, and support all programmes that will improve the awareness of staff
*Protect and preserve the environment to the best of her ability.

Pre Employment

Because every ship owner wants high productivity and safety of his vessel. So we obliged to provide you with highly qualified experienced and certified crews who meets the highest standards and are fully audited and registered by NIMASA. The company shall be entitled to require that any engaged seafarers shall have satisfactory pre-employment medical examination, at the company expense also by nominating doctor and that the seafarer answer faithfully of any questionnaire on their state of health, which maybe required.


Training is done quarterly here in MGL. Refresher courses, workshops, seminar, lectures, and symposia are constantly arranged and organized for employees to keep them in tune with modern trends in the industry in order to bring to their knowledge the latest technologies and developments in the oil and gas sector. This gives MGL the edge over and above her contemporaries in the industry. Training and development of our staff is our priority, which helps to oil and sustain the cordiality and operational flexibility we are known with.
The diagnosis of needs is complex and often depends upon the intuition, or personal experiences or otherwise of managers, and needs revealed by deficiencies. Hence to achieve results, our approach to training is very dynamic and situational to suit current trends of events that may arise with time. Thus, personnel are trained thoroughly.
- Inspiration and innovations of individual managers and supervisors - Forecasts and predictions about staffing needs. - Common sense
- it is often obvious that new machines, work systems, task requirements and changes in job content will require workers to be prepared.
- Shortcomings revealed by statistics of output per head, performance indices, unit costs, etc and behavioral failures revealed by absentee figures, lateness, sickness, records, etc.

Our clients

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